Our Story

Beauty Direct Studios is an independent beauty boutique with the woman of color as it's top priority.  We were founded in 2014.  In 2021, the entire mission of the company was changed to be a beauty spa and wellness company that offers all natural products and services that are made in the USA and only of the highest quality. The new Beauty Direct Studios was launched in July 2022 and the grand opening of the first brick and mortar was November 5, 2022.



Our mission is to offer a one stop shop for beauty services primarily for women of color.  The woman of color is the least catered to group, yet we are the group that spends the most money on beauty and cosmetics.  Stores selling products targeted to women of color are dirty and we are treated like a marginalized group.  These type stores wouldn't be allowed to open in other communities, yet they flood ethnic neighborhoods and the owners become filthy rich.  Donna Knight, the founder and owner of Beauty Direct Studios, decided it was time for a change.  She said, "If we are going to spend billions of dollars on beauty products we should be treated better." That is the experience she set out to create in her beauty store.  Donna wanted to offer only the BEST products at an affordable cost with a great shopping experience.



Beauty Direct Studios worked to create a selection of non-toxic skin care products and hair care products.  We also have bath and body care products.  The products in our store are made by women and men of color (check out or brand page to see some of these companies). It is hard to find products and services that are black owned.  Donna, worked for an entire to year to find black vendors and test products.  Donna wanted to make the "buying black experience" easy for people of color in her community.  When you shop with Beauty Direct Studios, not only are you supporting our small business, but you are supporting several other small businesses owned by people of color across the United States.  

The goal is to use products that are good for you and make you look and feel more beautiful.  Almost, everything on the market from food to makeup has some form of toxicity.  This is detrimental to our health, and we have to take a stand against these types of products being sold. One way to take a stand is to not buy these products.  People use toxic goods in products because it's cheaper and faster.  But our health is more important. Beauty Direct Studios vows to only offer non-toxic products that are of the highest quality.