Featured Brands

Nature's Lab - Natural Sisters

Natural Sisters is a brand founded in New York City. It all started in the Natural Sisters Hair Salon in the heart of Harlem, where our talented professional team strives every day to make every client feel confident, empowered, and ecstatic with their hair. 


Luseta Beauty

The Exploration of Beauty We are Luseta Beauty. We believe in the power of self love, self care and the beauty that comes from within. We want to help women realize that treating yourself is the first step to any beauty routine. That's why we started with hair. The Ultimate Hair Care As salon professionals, we've met hundreds of women. What we found out is that they want hair care that is affordable, convenient, yet still luxurious and personalized. We created exactly that.

Kelly Logan Hair

Kelly Logan natural hair essentials was founded in 2011 when I was unable to find a line of hair care products that delivered salon quality results minus the salon price tag. Finding products that moisturize and hold my coarse, coily hair is no easy task. Not to mention I have two daughters with a lot of hair so spending a fortune on hair care was just out of the question. I sought to fill this void. When the idea of building my own haircare brand came across my mind I always knew that I wanted to formulate all of the recipes for my products.


In 2018, Piperberry was founded in San Diego by Helen Kazemaini. Kazemaini has suffered from sensitive and rosacea prone skin her entire life. She struggled to find products that were effective yet gentle enough for her to use. Products sold as clean or natural often contained harsh fragrances or essential oils that would trigger breakouts and leave her red for days. Frustrated, Kazemaini started researching ingredients, formulations and ultimately testing every single ingredient and product on herself. Several years later, piperberry was born. A skincare line that is both gentle and effective. Utilizing the most nutrient dense ingredients on the planet to provide the ultimate skin care experience. Piperberry is cruelty free, vegan, and all products are free from fragrances, essential oils, parabens, silicones and dyes.


Golden Grooming Co. provides high quality, all-natural skincare and hair care products specifically designed for black men and other men of color. Our mission is to help men that are on the journey to a healthier lifestyle by offering natural plant-based grooming products. We believe that journey starts from within; which is why we create outstanding products with wholesome natural ingredients. Golden Grooming Co. helps men look good, feel good and do good. We're not just a minority-owned grooming company, we're in the business of empowerment - which is why 5% of all sales are donated to programs that foster entrepreneurship in youth from under-served communities as well as supporting HBCUs.